Mboro on Joe Mafela funeral: ‘I would have hired out my church for free!’


Now ya’ll know it was only a matter of time before controversial pastor, PFP Motsoeneng, or Prophet Mboro ,as he’s more popularly known, chimed in on the Grace Bible Church saga.

The pastor told Tshisa Live that as much as he understands the church’s stance, he feels that they should have still supported the late Joe Mafela’s family. This comes after Grace Bible Church allegedly quoted the Mafela’s family R89 000 to hold the star’s memorial service.

Mboro stresses respect for churches

“The church can say that there are overhead costs that need to be paid for but it would have been a good thing to give support to the family. This was a traumatic incident that the family was not prepared for, and they obviously do not have that kind of money to pay. The right thing to do would be to help them not kick them out on the street,” Mboro told Tshisa.

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Mboro says that had the family reached out to him, he “would not have charged” them to use his church.

“There are some people in the church which we help free of charge. People who need a place to hold a memorial or a funeral. People whose family members have been in the mortuary for two or three months because they can’t afford to have the bodies released. As a church we represent Christ and we help people in need, as Christ would have. We must just give,” Mboro continued.

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Grace Bible Church caused a frenzy on Thursday after actor Mangaliso Ngema went on Twitter and exposed that the church had quoted Joe’s family R89 000 to host his memorial service.

Mboro concluded by stating that it was time for artists and churches to build relationships with each other and not try to exploit one another.

“I would like to encourage artists to support the church while they are still alive. We cannot have a situation where artist demand money to perform at church but want to use our facilities for free when they have memorials or funerals,” Mboro said.

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