Nomzamo Mbatha is not about that threat life!

Actress Nomzamo Mbatha fears for her life after her details were allegedly leaked
The starlet publicly shared how she’s been living in fear after a “fake report” was published about her alleged long lost family. Mbatha says the “fake family” have been harassing her for months now and she’s had enough of it. Her frustration spilled over on social media where she detailed the threatening messages she says she’s been receiving.
Nomzamo Mbatha is having none of it

The story at the center of the saga is of Elizabeth Mbatha from Mpumalanga, the woman who claims to be Nomzamo’s mother, the said story was originally s published by  the Sunday Sun back in 2016.

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Nomzamo is peeved with the publication, stating that in spite of Elizabeth’s story not being verified and having so many inconsistencies, Sunday Sun went ahead and printed it anyway.  She further accused the journalist who wrote the article of giving out her details to the “fake family”, and this she says has resulted in the never-ending harassment.

The actress admitted that she now lives in constant fear for her life and she’s been forced to hire secure private protection that’s she pays out of her own pocket. Sunday Sun is yet to respond to the allegations.

Nomzamo earlier posted this shocking screen shot on her Twitter account, lambasting Sunday Sun and their journalist!