Fikile Mbalula and Robert Marawa face off on Twitter


Heyi but South Africans have no chill! Shots were exchanged between radio host Rob Marawa and Minister of Sport- AKA, Minister of Razmatazz- Fikile Mbalula earlier today. 

The exchange between the two public figures came on the back of the Department of Sport’s announcement that they would no longer be hosting the 2022 Commonwealth games. The city of Durban has missed deadline after deadline since being announced as as the Commonwealth hosts in September of 2015.

A reported figure ranging between R98 million and R118 million has been spent on the preparation for the games thus far. While costs are expected to be recovered (with a profit of R20 billion  projected) so far the money spent shows no signs of being recovered.

Minister of Sport, Fikile Mbalula, reiterated that “having learned from previous events”, the department did not want to make guarantees and stated that they acted “in the best interest of South Africa” and  he money approved for the Games which was a total of R4.32 billion – “would have been enough for Commonwealth Games in 2022.”

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But the real drama took place on Twitter with Metro FM radio DJ, Robert Marawa responding to the announcement made on Twitter, saying the loss came as no surprise as Mbalula’s department was busy acting like “Tarzan!” Mbalula responded by saying the announcement was “vindictive.”

Why would he equate the department to Tarzan? Mbalula asked. He went on to suggest that Marawa get over his “hangover” because life was just too short. Marawa never believed in the country hosting the Games, Mbalula stated, before telling Marawa to first study the facts before “blowing his usual hot air” on the matter.

Not one to go down without a fight Marawa clapped back by stating that “blowing hot air is usually what Mbalula’s department does.”


But the twar soon stopped being about the Games, with Marawa accusing Mbalula of trying to get him fired from Metro FM.

“Why would I want you to get fired? Smh, you should have long been fired, I defended you. Don’t digress,” said Mbalula.

He told Marawa to go to his archives and check that he defended him from getting fired when he was still ANCYL president.

“Amnesia won’t assist,” Mbalula concluded.