5 major mistakes in Bonang’s book

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Bonang Matheba’s book is not all it is cracked up to be.

TV personality Bonang Matheba recently released her own book titled From A to B.

However, the highly anticipated memoir got some mixed reactions. The worst part is that the book seems to be full of bad grammar and typos.

Here are five major mistakes in Bonang’s book.

1. Her birth date

The very first sentence in the book is already a mistake.

The book says she is born on 24 June but a quick Google search shows otherwise.


Bonang herself also said her birthday is on 25 June.

2. Her birth day

According to the book, 24 June, 1987 was a Thursday. But if you look at a calendar, this date actually fell on a Wednesday.

(Pictures: Facebook)
(Pictures: Facebook)

We would love to know what calendar the author or publisher used.

 3. Fill in the blanks

Remember that time you “stopped friends” with someone?

(Picture: Facebook)

4. He thinks, she thinks, we think

“He thought it was because of something he thinks I think he did”.

(Picture: Somizi Instagram)

5. Telling it again and again


“Whether you say something or you don’t say something”.

“Particularly poor women and lesbian women”.

It’s not as if you get lesbian men. We can’t deal with all this repetition.

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