8 wax statues of Beyoncé that look nothing like her

beyonce wax meme
The bad, the ugly and the WTF.

Beyoncé has it all: beauty, fame, fortune, family. But there is still one thing she does not have: a wax statue that actually looks like her.

Beyoncé is one of the most successful and popular musicians in the world right now.

She has 22 Grammy awards, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a fan base that even has its own name.

So how is it that she does not have a single wax statue that looks like her? Sure, Bey has several wax statues out there (there is one in Madam Tussauds), but none of them bear any resemblance to her.

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If you don’t believe us, see for yourself. Here are eight wax figures of the superstar that look nothing like her.

1.  China

(Picture: Scope Features)

2. New York

(Picture: Splash Images)

3. London

(Picture: Getty Images)

4. Canada

(Picture: Winklahh Twitter)

5. Amsterdam

(Picture: Eleveurdelamas Twitter)

6. Las Vegas

(Picture: VWEBBJR Twitter)

7.  Berlin

(Picture: TutuAdamsUK Twitter)

8. We can’t even

(Picture: JustMar_Mar Twitter)

It seems that no wax museum has been able to truly capture the essence of Beyoncé.

Bey is literally irreplaceable, and these wax figures are proof of that.

(Featured Image: Getty Images/Twitter)

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