WATCH: Girl shows up to prom in a coffin

megan flaherty prom coffin
Meet the modern-day Sleeping Beauty.

As far as grand entrances go, this one takes the weird award.

A 17-year-old girl showed up to her high school prom in a coffin. And no, she was not dead.

Megan Flaherty from New Jersey shocked her classmates when she arrived to Pennsauken High School’s junior prom in a hearse. At the back of the vehicle was an open coffin that she was lying in.

The coffin slid out of the hearse, and Flaherty just stepped out of it like it was no big deal. Her date was waiting by her side to take her hand.

This could be something out of a movie. Like a modern-day version of Sleeping Beauty.

Photos and videos of her entrance that were posted online have sent the internet into a frenzy.

megan flaherty
Megan Flaherty. (Facebook)

Many people commented saying that her actions were inconsiderate and done in bad taste. Some even accused her of being disrespectful and making fun of the dead.

Others were more relaxed and saw the incident all in good fun. They enjoyed Flaherty’s entrance and even joked about her being “drop-dead gorgeous”.

Flaherty herself said she just wanted to have fun and checked with her date first to make sure he had no problems with her plans.

So the question that still remains is: why did she do it?

Megan Flaherty revealed that the reason she showed up to her prom in a coffin was because she wants to be a funeral director one day.

Check out the grand entrance below.

(Featured Image: Twitter)

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