Paris Hilton claims she invented the selfie

paris hilton
Paris Hilton says she invented the selfie.

If you’ve ever wondered who invented the selfie, we’ve got the answer. It was Paris Hilton. Or so she says.

TV star Paris Hilton has claimed she is the person who invented the selfie.

In an interview with W Magazine, Hilton said she was the mastermind behind the idea of taking pictures of oneself.

That’s quite a bold statement coming from a 36-year-old blonde, who once said: “What’s Walmart? Do they like sell wall stuff?”

Let’s not forget about this tweet from a few years ago.

It seems as if Hilton was obsessed with taking pictures in her childhood.

“If a beeper had a camera, I would have taken a selfie with it,” she said.

“I think I have a selfie from when I was a little kid, like on a disposable camera.”

The socialite believes that social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, have paved the way to stardom.

“Nowadays, I feel like it’s so easy becoming famous. Anybody with a phone can do it,” Hilton said.

How true is Paris Hilton’s claim though?

According to a statement by Oxford, the world “selfie” dates back to 2002. It was used in an Australian online forum by a user to describe a picture taken of his bloody lip after a drunken night out.

selfie origin

The word then started becoming more popular over the years. By 2013, it was no longer social media slang and became the accepted abbreviation for a self-portrait photograph.

Paris Hilton can say what she wants, but we know she did not invent the selfie. It was actually this man who did.


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