Mbalula exposes woman trying to buy driver’s licence on Twitter

Picture: Jacques Naude
Picture: Jacques Naude
Fikile Mbalula scolds criminal on Twitter.

South Africans have no chill and Police Minister Fikile Mbalula is learning this the hard way.

We all know how much Fikile Mbalula loves Twitter. If you had over 750 thousand followers, you would too.

It’s no secret that he uses Twitter to encourage people to fight against the high crime rate in South Africa. Remember all those “wanya tsotsi” tweets?

A user on Twitter probably did not think things through when she tried getting some advice from fellow social media users.

The woman posted a tweet asking people where she could buy a driver’s licence from. She received a few replies, but the prize goes to the Minister of Razzmatazz.

That’s right. Mbalula himself noticed the tweet. What were the chances of that? Almost eight million people in South Africa use Twitter, and she was the unlucky soul who caught his eye.

Mr Razzmatazz first responded with surprise. He even used an emoji to convey his shock and show people on Twitter that he is watching them.

He then scolded the woman and schooled her with the rules of the law.

“It is a criminal offence to buy a driver’s licence (like a) ngathi ligwinya (like it’s a vetkoek),” he said.

If Fikile Mbalula will not give her the answer, we think she will just have to ask President Jacob Zuma instead.

In his birthday speech this year, Zuma said he once gave someone money to buy a driver’s licence.

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