73-year-old model is the new face of Calvin Klein

lauren hutton
Lauren Hutton models Calvin Klein lingerie.

Lauren Hutton is proving that age is just a number. The 73-year-old was chosen as the face of Calvin Klein’s latest lingerie campaign.

Lauren Hutton was one of the greatest supermodels in the 1970s. And even today, she’s still got it going for her.

The model is know for her blonde tresses and gap-toothed smile.

Lauren will be featured as the face of Calvin Klein’s Spring 2017 underwear campaign. The campaign is called “Calvin Klein or Nothing At All”.

So why on earth would Calvin Klein choose an older model over a younger one?

The campaign is actually body positive. It has been met with positive reception, especially from women.

Lauren Hutton in 1980. (Pinterest)

People have taken to social media to express how refreshing it is to see a model like Lauren because “not everyone is young and skinny”.

Another woman was extremely motivated by Calvin Klein’s bold move. She said: “I’m looking forward to reaching that age!”

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At the age of 73, Lauren definitely knows two things. One, she knows how age gracefully.

She’s maintained her beauty and grace over the years. This woman has got it down!

Secondly, the actress and model sure knows how rock a photoshoot, even today.

calvin klein lauren hutton
Lauren Hutton models for Calvin Klein. (Twitter)

How many women can model underwear and still look so fabulous at the age of 73?

This is Calvin Klein’s first body positivity campaign and we’ve got to hand it to them. It is on point!

(Featured Image: Twitter)

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