Kenny Kunene’s unborn baby has his own Instagram account

kenny kunene unborn baby
Baby Kunene is already a star on social media.

What would life be without social media? Seems as if the answer is nothing, according to Kenny Kunene.

Kenny Kunene’s unborn baby has his very own Instagram account. Which is cute and maybe a little weird, if you think about it.

But why is it a bit weird? According to the rules on their website, Instagram requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account.

Anyway, on to the cute part. Kenny Kunene and his wife Whitney Mhlanga recently got hitched last month and are expecting a little bundle of joy.

The couple held a lavish baby shower on Saturday and revealed the name of their son. The name of the Instagram account is Remo Kunene.

Baby Kunene’s bio already tells us what we can expect from him.

remo kunene instagram

The account already has more than 500 followers, and the numbers are increasing by the second!

How does it feel knowing that an unborn baby has more followers than you? Not only that. We’re pretty sure that Remo is going to be better than us in every way.

It seems as if he’s going to be decked out in the most expensive clothing money can buy, from the time he’s born.

An Instagram post shows us what we can expect baby billionaire Kunene to wear.

kenny kunene baby instagram

That’s right. Billionaire Italian Couture baby wear.

No wonder Kenny described his son as “the most fashionable, stylish and intelligent boy”.

We’re not the only ones looking forward to Remo Kunene’s arrival. Even Khanyi Mbau herself is following baby Kunene on Instagram!

(Featured Image: Instagram)

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