The story behind: #WeStandWithSibu

Jameson twar
Jameson twar
What really went down between Sibu Mpanza and Renaldo Gouws

You might have seen last night the Twitter streets were lit with this hashtag. Sibu Mpanza, a well-known vlogger, Jameson, yes, the brand, and another vlogger, Renaldo Gouws, are all the reason behind all of this.

Sibu, a young Cape Town-based YouTuber, has been doing the most. Two years after uploading his first video, he’s moving steadily towards the 100k views mark for his straight talking approach to issues that matter in South Africa (and the world) right now. Earlier this week, the well-known vlogger took to Twitter to announce his collaboration with Jameson.

Everyone was extremely excited about the collaboration and the congratulations poured in from fans. But the joy was short-lived.

Renaldo Gouws, who describes himself as “that crazy SOuth African that fuels his existence on sarcasm and facts. Defender of common sense” on his YouTube channel is also a popular vlogger, took to his YouTube channel and posted a video about Being a South African YouTuber:

The video was then taken as shade towards Sibu, and sparks flew. Sibu took to Twitter to express how he felt about the video

Renaldo didn’t let it slide and responded back to Sibu, and he didn’t just stop there, he took it to Jameson and TakeALot, who Sibu started a campaign with recently. Renaldo claims that the video had nothing to do with Sibu Mpanza and that Sibu was “delusional”.

“Shame, this guy actually thinks the video was about him. When I called him out he blocked me. Sub hunting… But hey, if the shoe fits…” he tweeted.

Gouws then continued to mention Jameson and TakeALot in a tweet, saying they had a “classy ambassador” and that is where things got tricky.


Twitter was ablaze and started the hashtag #WeStandWithSibu, claiming that Renaldo was attacking Sibu’s livelihood and speaking from privilege because of his race. Everyone jumped on this train, but Gouws refused to engage with the hype, saying that his video was not aimed at Sibu, but since Sibu decided to come for him, he did a little digging and found that he had lied about being an ambassador.

When Jameson was asked about the whole situation, Jameson tweeted that Sibu was in fact not the brand ambassador, he was only used for a specific campaign, just as Takealot did, and both brands distanced themselves. At this sudden revelation, Twitter began to question Sibu, asking if he ever really was the ambassador and that they wanted the receipts in the form of the contracts that he had signed, but dololo answer.

Since the “truth” about whether or not Sibu was the brand ambassador was questionable, there was a small number of people who decided to take to Twitter and come for everyone that may have misinterpreted the entire situation.

Renaldo then posted another video about the situation and offering clarity:

Sibu has since refused to speak further about the matter when media tried to get a hold of him. What do you think after all this drama? Was Sibu wrong, did he jump the gun, or was Renaldo in this case wrong?

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