Mugabe’s belated birthday gift is … a wheelchair?

Robert Mugabe's birthday gift sparks debate.

Birthdays are a time for celebration and, of course, gifts. But what does a president get for his birthday?

Well, if you’re President Robert Mugabe, you get a wheelchair.

The Cabinet ministers in Zimbabwe apparently gave Mugabe a mobile chair as a belated birthday gift. The mobile chair was presented to him during a ceremony at his office.

If you’re confused about what a mobile chair is, it’s one of those electrical chairs that help you get from place to place. Most people usually call it a wheelchair.

2622970 05/10/2015 May 10, 2015. President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin. Michael Klimentyev/RIA Novosti

Why did Uncle Bob get a wheelchair of all things for his birthday, you ask? According to the ministers, it’s to “enable him navigate his way around his office as well as at home”.

The guy did just turn 93 in February.

Critics have come out and said the wheelchair proves Mugabe is not well enough to continue running the country. The secretary-general of an opposition political party even went as far as saying Robert Mugabe should step down as president.

“The special chair is a clear admission that Mugabe is now physically and mentally unfit, and we can no longer allow him to govern. He should simply resign.”

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Now we know if you were the world’s oldest leader, you would probably be offended if your people gave you a wheelchair as a birthday gift.

But Mugabe didn’t feel insulted. He actually thanked the ministers for the gift and said it was a sign of solidarity in his Zanu-PF government.

“I thank all of you for putting your heads together to come up with this gift. The gift shows the team spirit which should always prevail all times in the delivery of service to the nation,” Mugabe said.

Now here’s where things get a little weird and confusing. Zimbabwe’s state broadcaster called the chair a “massage chair”.

Special chair, wheelchair or massage chair. We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

(Featured Image: BFMTV)

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