The latest viral beauty trend: meme makeup

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Introducing the newest beauty trend that has gone viral.

Meme makeup is a new trend that is taking over the internet, and it’s incredible.

We know you Connect readers are always looking out for the newest beauty trends out there. Whether it’s contouring and highlighting your face or rocking the winged eyeliner.

But there’s a new makeup trend that’s slowly making its way on to the scene. It’s something no one could have ever imagined.

Meme makeup is as strange and amazing as it sounds. It’s a definite treat for all you meme-lovers out there.

People are simply taking some of the best memes on the internet and turning them into eye makeup.

The trend started with a makeup artist who posted the first meme makeup image on Twitter.

meme makeup trend
(Twitter: @thai_brows)

Since then, other people have picked up on the trend. It has actually moved from Twitter to now include Instagram.

We’ve managed to scour the internet and find some of the best pictures of meme makeup for you.

Check out some of the wacky and wonderful works of art that people have created on their eyes.

  • <strong>Hurt Bae</strong> (Instagram: @lexusmperezz)Hurt Bae (Instagram: @lexusmperezz)
  • <strong>Evil Kermit</strong> (Twitter: @niasmakeup)Evil Kermit (Twitter: @niasmakeup)
  • <strong>But that's none of my business</strong> (Twitter: @@_jsxo_)But that's none of my business (Twitter: @@_jsxo_)
  • <strong>Meryl Streep</strong> (Instagram: @chelseywolz)Meryl Streep (Instagram: @chelseywolz)
  • <strong>Patrick Star from <em>SpongeBob Squarepants</em></strong> (Twitter: @lauraaa_kate)Patrick Star from SpongeBob Squarepants (Twitter: @lauraaa_kate)
  • <strong>Kim Kardashian</strong> (Instagram: @_makeupbyalexis)Kim Kardashian (Instagram: @_makeupbyalexis)
  • <strong>Salt Bae</strong> (Instagram: @chelseywolz)Salt Bae (Instagram: @chelseywolz)

Meanwhile, some of us can’t even properly put on mascara or eyeshadow. And here are these women who are slaying their makeup. So much so, that they’re taking the internet by storm with this meme makeup trend.

(Featured Image: File Image)

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