White Sangoma is jetting off to the US to spread healing

Lockley who spent 10 years in an apprenticeship, is popularly known as Ucingolwendaba (the messenger) and he's a psychology honour’s graduate from Rhodes University.

John Lockley‚ who claims to be a fully initiated white South African sangoma in the Xhosa tradition‚ has been invited to share his healing insights in the United States of ‘Merrica.

In his quest to help ‘people locate their ancestry Lockley is heading to American shores. US-based multimedia publishing company, Sounds True‚ will host a number of spiritual teachers who are to lead an online ceremony every month. Lockley will be among the renowned shamans who will promote healing throughout the world… We couldn’t make this up if we tried…

The teachers will include John Perkins‚ an American author known as one of the world’s leading experts on 21st century shamanism‚ Sandra Ingerman‚ the author of The Beginner’s Guide to Shamanic Journeying‚ and Betsy Bergstrom‚ a full-time spiritual teacher and practitioner.

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Sangoma John Lockley in traditional Xhosa attire


Referring to the dream that called him to follow his spiritual path, Lockley shares that in his ‘calling dream,’ a Xhosa Sangoma came to him and told him he was going to teach him to become a sangoma and that when he woke up the next morning‚ his legs hurt.

He tells Grocott’s Mail in Grahamstown: “I got tick bite fever twice‚ glandular fever‚ hepatitis‚ Bilharzia. I was swept out to sea. I snapped my leg‚ broke my toe. I was so sick‚ it felt like I had 1‚000 volts of electricity in my stomach. I had a near fatal accident‚ I couldn’t sleep. I lost weight‚ I went to doctors but no one could help. I had exhausted the ‘white’ options.”

In his popular website – johnlockley.com – John writes, “The healing of the West may be the job of the very cultures it looks down upon. Can Africa’s material poverty meet Western spiritual bareness to bring balance in the world? We must dream the impossible, seek the beauty of sharing wisdom through the cracks of our longing, and usher into reality the possibility of a world village glued together by a concert of wisdom. John is an artisan of this and more. His work deserves respect and reverence. ”

Watch John Lockley sharing his journey below