The era of robotics: Real life Iron man exists

Iron man is slowly becoming a reality and saving the day as the fictional hero is closer than we may have thought

Iron man is slowly becoming a reality and saving the day as the fictional hero is closer than we may have thought 

After  working on Tactical Assault Light Operator Suits years, company’s like Revision have developed armor that protect the men at war on the battle field.

Revision has currently developing advanced military suits that can guide soldiers with optical and radio communication and look after the health of the wearer.

Unlike the iron man suit of the movies with the miniature rockets and thruster flight systems, most Tactical Assault Operator Suits utilize hybrid engine and battery armor suit that uses liquid bullet proofing and an exoskeleton to help the wearer carry the heavy armor around without feeling the extra weight.




A TALOS suits’ can cover about 60% of the soldier’s body and the vitals are protected by a liquid armor which works by solidifying the liquid within itself on impact of a bullet. This process can take about less than a second to do, preventing the bullet from penetrating further into the armor.

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Suits like the one developed by Revision has an exoskeleton equipped with sensors that allow the wearer to perform normal motor tasks like bending over or squatting without the armor getting in the way.  Named The Revisions kinetic operations suit, it can give up to 6 hours of battery life with 30kg of carry weight added onto you on a 30 degree slop with no extra pressure put on the knees.

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The helmet of the Revisions suit is equipped with advanced visors like night vision and computer communications. The suit also has sensors that help keep track of the soldier’s health by checking things such as the heart rate. With TALOS been an open field to play on for any company looking to make military suits we are yet to see how far innovation on protecting our soldiers can really go.

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