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Here are five ways to go on a date and not blow the budget

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You don't have to blow the budget to have a great time with the bae.

We probably are all in agreement when we say dating can put a huge dent in your pocket especially if you are the extravagant type – There is hope though.

#1 Indoor picnic

Picnic hamper with bread, fruit, and wine on green lawn

It’s winter and ain’t nobody trying to freeze themselves to death in the name of romance. So rather take the romance in with a nice basket, candles and some great food and wine.

#2 Movie Marathons are IN

Laughing comedy watchers

Movie Marathons are awesome because for one you don’t have to dress up and put on make up and have bae rushing you about getting ready but instead you can grab a throw, some popcorn and hot chocolate and watch away. Budget saved.

#3 Romantic dinner at home

Delicious pizza at oven

You don’t even have to prepare this one alone, you could both prepare dinner, play some music  and light some candles. All you have to buy are ingredients and voila!

#4 Go on a bike ride together

cropped shot of couple riding bicycles together in park

Grab your bikes and go out for a ride. Getting a bit of exercise is never a bad thing but this isn’t the sweat out your entire life type of exercise. Instead the fresh air and adventure will bring both of you closer without having to blow the budget.

#5 Go hiking!

Young hiking couple

Get down in the dust and mud and you might just realize how fun it actually is. Yes you will argue about which route to take or who reads the map and gives directions to why nobody brought the sunscreen but at the end of the hike you both will be glad you had your bae with you the whole time. You can get FroYos after that, bliss!

So don’t be afraid of doing stuff with the bae because your budget is on the low try these and you might actually have more fun than you think.

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