IN MEMES: Berning Ntlemeza vs Fikile Mbalula

berning ntlemeza and fikile mbalula
It's a brutal showdown between these two police officers.

People on social media have definitely been following the Berning Ntlemeza vs Fikile Mbalula saga.

In case you don’t know what has been happening, let us break it down for you.

Former Hawks boss Berning Ntlemeza was fired back in April after he seen as unfit to be the boss. He was dishonourable, unlawful and lacked integrity.

A law enforcer who is corrupt. Surprise surprise.

Ntlemeza went back to work and refused to vacate his office. He filed a court application asking to keep his job.

Ntlemeza even wanted his cellphone and official vehicle back. But that’s not all. The former Hawks boss wanted a court interdict against police minister Fikile Mbalula.

This was a pathetic attempt to stop Mbalula from intimidating him and making public statements that embarrass and humiliate him.

Mr Razzmatazz did not stand for any of this and fought back.

Ntlemeza’s application to interdict Mbalula was struck off the role by the court. The application was not urgent, so it will only be heard on June 2.

Ntlemeza is still not able to return to his job yet. But here is the best part of all. The court ordered him to pay all costs from his own pocket.

Karma is a beautiful thing and people on Twitter seem to think so too.

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