#SecretBallot: It’s goin’ down

Some of the best #SecretBallot memes.

The #SecretBallot may be one of the most talked-about subjects right now. And social media is buzzing because of it.

The hashtag #SecretBallot is trending on Twitter because of everything  happening with the case.

In case you missed it, there are two important points that have been brought up in court.

One, the constitution does not clearly state what the rules are when it comes to having a secret ballot. That means our madam speaker, Baleka Mbete, has to sit down herself for this one because she does not have the power to allow a secret voting.

Two, President Jacob Zuma’s lawyer is convinced that having a secret ballot will not change the votes. If the ministers of parliament have truly lost confidence in Zuma, there is no risk for them to openly vote against him.

Secret ballot or not, the lawyer believes the MPs will not vote differently.

Did we forget to mention the ‘People’s Advocate’ Dali Mpofu was not on point this time with his arguments?

Twitter has been nothing short of entertaining throughout the entire saga.

It is great to know that South Africans can find the funny in anything.

(Featured Image: Twitter)

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