#NomhleMbulawa – Here is the tea!


Just when you thought folks wouldn’t be taking anymore L’s in 2017, here comes Nomhle Mbulawa!

The hashtag #NomhleMbulawa has been doing the most on the streets of Twitter. So let’s put you on to this sauce!

The drama started two days ago when award winning record producer and rapper Tweezy posted a heartfelt tweet about a friend of his on Twitter who was in desperate need of help. The friend, as we came to learn, was 21 year-old Nomhle Mbulawa. Mbulawa hopped onto Twitter, asking for help for her expensive treatment after allegedly being diagnosed with Leukemia.


So naturally, being people of ubuntu that we are, South Africans actually donated to the lady friend. But things soon went left!

#CSITwitter did some digging and concluded that Mbulawa is actually a fraud! OOPS!

Nomhle tried to refute the allegations and posted a doctor’s note and pictures of herself with no hair – maintaining that she is telling the truth.


So apparently this is her proof for her cancer but yeyi, we have people on twitter who were not buying it. Here are two different people asking two different doctors about this form since no one can make out what is written there,

Twitter is notorious for exposing people and it seems that Nomhle is no different. She’s since been labelled a liar and as lacking compassion for those who’ve suffered and actually died from cancer. Nomhle took to Twitter in another bid to explain herself.


Here are some of your reactions to all this,

What do you make of all the drama? Do you think Twitter is just being harsh or this girl is really a scammer? Should Mba Wee-Wee be getting involved?

Also how does Tweezy tie into this matter? What is his role vele vele?

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