Bow Wow’s lie starts #BowWowChallenge

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Bow Wow's lie is exposed!

There’s always a new challenge popping up on social media, and the latest one is the #BowWowChallenge

This year alone has seen the #ZumaMustGoChallenge for anti-Zuma supporters and the #MaskOffChallenge for musicians. Now meet the #BowWowChallenge for liars.

The #BowWowChallenge started when Bow Wow told a lie and got caught.

The rapper, whose real name is Shad Moss, posted a picture of a private jet surrounded by a few luxury cars on Instagram. He told fans he was going to New York City for a press run for a new reality show called Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta.

Celebrities travel in private jets and fancy cars all the time, so this doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Here’s the catch. A Twitter user found out Bow Wow was actually on a commercial flight and exposed his lie.

The user took a photo of the rapper since they were on the same flight. The photo was posted on the internet, and social media hasn’t stopped roasting the Underrated hit maker since.

#BowWowChallenge lie

Fans later did some digging and found that the picture Bow Wow used was taken from the website of a transport company in Florida. The Fort Lauderdale website provides a VIP service.


This incident has introduced a whole new challenge to social media.

Twitter users have started sharing pictures of people pulling a Bow Wow move like that. Check out some of the best #BowWowChallenge tweets below.

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