Uber keeps South Africans safe with selfies

Uber's new safety feature is a selfie.

Uber has launched a new feature to improve safety and security for passengers.

The transportation service introduced a new security measure in South Africa called Real-Time ID Check. This feature requires Uber drivers to share a selfie for verification purposes.

Real-Time ID Check prompts Uber driver-partners to sometimes share a selfie before going online and accepting ride requests. Uber then compares the selfie with a photograph that is already on file for the driver. The process is done by using facial recognition technology.

The system first identifies a face. It then builds a set of features by focusing on key features of the driver’s face. This is compared to the validated image of the driver Uber has on file.

real-time id check uber
(The Telegraph)

If the two images don’t match, Uber temporarily blocks the account and investigates the situation.

The Real-Time ID Check feature helps passengers ensure that their driver is a legit driver-partner that Uber has on record. And this all happens in real-time.

“This prevents fraud and protects drivers’ accounts from being compromised. It also protects riders by building another layer of accountability into the app to ensure the right person is behind the wheel,” said Uber’s Chief Security Officer, Joe Sullivan.

uber id

The company said the new development shows Uber was committed to creating simple technology that made the lives of passengers and drivers easier, and kept everyone safe.

So if you just happen to see a person taking a selfie, don’t be so quick to judge them. They may just turn out to be your Uber driver trying to keep you safe.

(Featured Image: Twitter)

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