There’s a secret version of Tinder for hot people

tinder select
Tinder Select is a secret version of the dating app.

One of the most popular dating services, Tinder, has released a version of  the app that you can’t use.

Tinder Select is a secret version for people who are rich, famous and hot. Basically, it’s for bougie people, and you can join by invite-only.


The colours and design of Tinder Select are different. Obviously, the exclusive one looks better than the normal one because rich people.

Blue replaces the usual orange theme, and there is a blue ‘S’ at the top instead of the Tinder logo and flame.

tinder select

Tinder has been running this app for six months, which is for celebrities and people who do really well on regular Tinder. Some Tinder Select users include “CEOs, supermodels, and other hyper-attractive/upwardly affluent types.”

The company decides who is allowed to join the members-only version. No one really knows how Tinder decides who to invite, but there’s something the Select users have in common: they’re hot and famous.

The good news is people on Tinder Select can “nominate” others to join. This gives us regular humans a chance to be part of this elite dating world.

tinder nominate

Tinder Select is not actually a separate app. It’s a layer of the main Tinder app that can be switched on and off. That means people on the VIP version can choose to switch to the regular version of Tinder.

So there’s still some hope that the celebrity you’ve been in love with forever might swipe right for you.

(Featured Image: Tinder)

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