Nokia 3310 makes a comeback

nokia 3310
Nokia 3310 has been brought back from the dead.

Remember the first phone you had? It was probably that brick you played Snake on and called Nokia 3310.

Who can forget listening to that Nokia ringtone and typing with predictive text?

The Nokia 3310 was first released in 2000 and became one of the most popular cellphones in South Africa. It was also one of the most successful cellphones in the world until it was discontinued in 2005.

Now, 17 years later, HMD global has given the iconic cellphone a makeover. But it’s still that big ol’ block that we all know.

The changes that were made to the cellphone are small so it’s still instantly recognizable. The Nokia 3310 now comes with a colour screen, a 2MP rear camera, and a rectangular D-pad in the middle instead of the previous up and down keys.

The new Nokia 3310 (right) and the old one (left).

The new 3310 is a little lighter and thinner than the old one and even has web browsing. That famous battery life is also back. The phone will last about a month on standby, and you can use it to talk for 22 hours. That’s ten times more than the original.

The revamped Nokia 3310 is available in four colors: yellow, red, grey and dark blue.  You can pick up one of these bad boys for under R700.


You laugh, but these phones have stood the test of time (yes, we’re talking about you, cracked iPhone and Samsung Galaxy screens).

(Featured Image: Unlimited Tricks)

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