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WATCH: All you need to know about chatbots

Harmony Mothibe talks about BotsZA.

In a world where man versus machine, it seems as if the machine is winning. All thanks to artificial intelligence and the invention of chatbots.

Who can forget Arnold Schwarzenegger as the artificial intelligence (AI) robot in The Terminator?

He had everyone questioning whether robots really could take over the world. The answer is yes.

Harmony Mothbibe joined Connect in studio to talk about his company, BotsZA.

BotsZA is a South African company that specialises in chatbots. It uses AI and automation to create the messaging robots.

The company was founded by Harmony Mothibe and Kresen Pillay. They are both passionate about solving problems using technology.


Harmony spoke to us about BotsZA and what inspired him to start the company.

He also shared the benefits of using chatbots in today’s digital world. Chatbots are basically the future of customer service because they can interact with millions of people at once.

They are also available 24/7, which means no more waiting for business hours to get things done.

Some of the companies that use chatbots include Standard Bank, CNN and Uber.

BotsZA also recently launched a new product called Hazie.

Hazie is a robot that does job placement. It is a digital assistant that aims to connect job seekers to their dream jobs.

Check out the full interview with Harmony below.

(Featured Image: BotsZA)

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