Google Maps: Stalker alert!

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Google Maps' latest feature lets you stalk people.

Google Maps is everyone’s go-to solution when they’re lost and need help navigating an unknown place.

Google Maps will be getting an update that will introduce a new feature to the app. Users will be able to share their location in real-time.

This means friends and family can know exactly where you are at any given time.

How many times have you called or texted your partner to ask “where are you?” or “when will you be here?” Well, the new location-sharing feature might be a solution to your problem.

Google believes the new feature will be a more convenient way for people to let someone know where they are without having to text or call them.


But the new tracking tool has raised a lot of concerns over privacy and surveillance. Relationships can end if one person demands to know where their partner is at all times. Tension at home can happen if parents force their teenage children to share their location before they go out.

The new feature also opens the door to stalking. Stalking your crush on social media sounds a little cute, but stalking in reality is creepy and dangerous.

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Don’t worry though. Google won’t let people see your location without asking for your permission first. You can control the tracking feature at the push of a button.

If you decide to let people know where you are, all you need to do is head over to the Google Maps app, hit the “share location” button and pick a person from your contacts. This will let you share your location for as long as you want.


If people don’t set a time limit to share their location, Google will send people emails to remind them that they are still sharing their location. This may help those people who didn’t know someone was stalking them.

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