Fitness Friday: Zola Nombona is sauce, y’all!

Lockdown star Zola Nombona talks fitness.

Connect sat down with a very vibrant Zola Nombona, who shared her fitness regime with us and explained why staying fit is such a big part of her life.

The SAFTA-nominated actress is no stranger to South African television. She is better known for her character, Roxanne, on eTV’s hit drama series, Zbondiwe, and she currently plays the role of Monde on Mzansi Magic’s Lockdown.

If you’ve peeped her Instagram, you’ll know that baby girl comes correct with the body goals. So naturally, we were like, ‘lift us, we are your weights!’.

Zola Nombona on her fitness grind
Zola Nombona on her fitness grind

So here are Zola’s five tips for a snatched body:

“The first thing is consistency, that is absolutely key, you have to start and see things through, and that is the only way you will see results.”

“The second thing is discipline, you have to drive yourself. A personal trainer is great but it has to be up to you to wake up and push yourself even when you don’t feel like it.”

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“Gym! Grow to love your body, working out is a way of being kind to yourself. Set your mind to loving and appreciating your body.”

“Eating well; that’s the most important part of a healthy body. I think that we all know that health is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise.”

“And then be patient with yourself, sometimes we expect to see results overnight but that’s not how it works. It’ll take some time but be patient with your body and you’ll start to see results.”

When you do start noticing the changes, celebrate the small victories man. Take yourself out or reward yourself buy buying yourself some new clothes.”

Check out Zola talking about why she started her fitness journey below.


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