From SA to the world: FlyWheel custom bikes go international

Connect took a short left to the Mother city to meet bike enthusiast, engineer and owner of FlyWheel, Zahier Davids.

Connect took a short left to the Mother city to meet bike enthusiast, engineer and owner of FlyWheel Chariots Zahier Davids.

Davids’ company, FlyWheel Custom Chariots, which was a finalist in the Eskom Business Investment Competition in 2014, was established 18 years ago. The company manufactures bespoke bicycles, including low riders, cruisers, choppers and motorised bikes.

Speaking on his international acclaim,  founder Zahier Davids credits pioneering the custom bike movement in Cape Town for getting him noticed internationally.

‘The fact that I’m one of the only guys really doing what I’m doing, rearing the custom bike movement in South Africa, has gotten me international recognition. The custom bike circuit is huge internationally, especially in paces like Europe and the US, where massive bike shows take place annually. For us at FlyWheel, the aim is definitely to look at supplying the international markets.

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“I’ve been privileged enough to have had quite a few international requests to get our frame-styles into the market as a base for other manufactures to work from – to do their own customisation using our designs.

Davids was invited to display his work at the FietsVak Bicycle Show in Amsterdam – the competition sees manufacturers worldwide competing every year.

“After seeing and riding the custom bikes in Amsterdam, I can confidently say that Fly Wheels is definitely on par with international standards,” adds Davids.

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The resourceful manufacturer has also found a way to diversify his business by responding to Cape Town’s water crisis at the same time. In light of Cape Town’s level-3 water restrictions, car washers have had to bear the brunt of the crisis.

Davids recalled an idea about a water-less car-washing service he’d once heard of and decided to do some research with a view to implementing it. He then decided to make it completely mobile and go to his customer’s locations. The business launched in November 2016.

The ingenious water-less method contributes to saving water while providing an alternative to a water-driven business. This service is in addition to his core business of design and manufacturing.

This has proved to be a key selling point for the service as instead of going to a car-wash and waiting for up to two hours to have their cars washed, customers can have it done at their homes or offices.

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“All our products are completely ecofriendly and biodegradable and give a seven-day UV protection to the paint. We have a black trim fragrance polish for all rubber, plastic and leather materials, leaving no oily silicone residue once we’re done. We use a special mag cleaner, leaving the rims looking like new. We can and have all we need to clean a car inside and out,” he says.

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