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OPINION: Why aren’t we up in arms over Arthur’s alleged assaults?

Are we going to minimalise these allegations simply because Arthur is our 'King of Kwaito'?

Are we not aware of the Arthur Mafokate and Cici debacle, or are we just acting like it has never happened because Arthur is our ‘King of Kwaito’?

Why is this not trending on social media? Why is he not being publicly disgraced and judged the same way men who kill women are publicly dragged? Or are we picking and choosing who deserves public scrutiny and who does not? Maybe it’s because Cici did not lose her life.

Still I think it should be treated with high emotion as Okmalumkoolkat’s sexual offence, Karabo Mokoena and Reeva Steenkamp’s brutally gruesome murder and all those crimes against our women.

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When we don’t say anything we make it seem as though the victims do not matter. Women, I am specifically talking to you. We know Author is a father, and among his children, he has daughters – how would he feel if one of his girls were to be assaulted? Is it only then when we would have opinions on how the perpetrators should “rot in hell”?

A woman might not be able to conceive as a result of the assault, so imagine what Cici is going through, and at this point what does Arthur have to say for himself? Yet still we are saying nothing. I am still waiting for this to shake South Africa the way Karabo’s death shook our country. When will that day come?

Then there was R Kelly, trashing and doing the most with young girls. Mr ‘step in the name of love’ has become Mr ‘step into a cult’. In case you missed it, the 50-year-old R&B sensation lured, brainwashed and kept young women against their will in a ‘cult’ he formed. Like, what’s happening in the world? Men, please help us understand what is going on in your minds, what prompts such gruesome behaviour? Because honestly, now we are dumbfounded.

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Let those men who are not trashing help us understand how they refrain from doing such, and if ever they have thoughts of trashing, this is an urgent discussion that needs a public platform so we can understand what in the world is happening in the minds of men, both the trash and non-trash male species of Earth.

We as a people should never be at a point where crimes of this nature are taken lightly, whether the people committing the crimes are women or men, black or white, famous or not. The issue of violence against women has dragged on for far too long, and we are tired.

As women are about to move into a phase where we are no longer afraid for our lives but fighting for it, and since we are the majority, the world will be forced to bow to our commands, and I say we should command the fall of violence against women and children without fear.

Author: Bareng Molatjane


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