WATCH: SA soapie airs its first gay kiss

7de Laan
7de Laan creates frenzy with first same-sex kiss scene.

In case you’ve been wondering why 7de Laan is trending all over social media, don’t worry. It’s not because actors have left the show. It’s because of last night’s episode.

The long-running soapie made history after it showed its first gay kiss. That’s right. A same-sex couple kissed on-screen on 7deLaan for the first time in 17 years!

In the episode, two waitresses at Oppiekoffie, Amorey (Kristen Raath) and Petro (Carla van der Merwe), are crushing on the same guy, Logan (Simon Tuit). The girls find out that Logan is actually gay when he kisses his husband, Divan (Arnu de Villiers), in front of them in the coffee shop.

Watch the scene here:

This latest plot twist has set tongues wagging, and people on social media have responded with mixed reactions. While some are supportive of the kiss, others have made homophobic remarks or simply just brushed it off.

What are your thoughts on the steamy scene? Let us know.

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