So the South African Politicians Awards are actually a thing …

The South African Politicians Awards are happening and happening soon.

Being a politician is a hard, tiring and thankless job, you guys.

Apart from the perks that look awesome to us commoners, politicians have to go from place to place giving boring speeches and making promises they most likely won’t keep to people they probably don’t really care about.

All that hard work, and what do politicians get in return (apart from fat salaries and benefits)? Harsh criticism from the general public and political commentators in real life and on social media. Honestly, we don’t give our politicians enough credit!

That’s why entrepreneur Lloyd Ngavu, who runs Ngavu Enterprises, decided to organise the first annual South African Politicians Awards (Sapas) this year.

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“The mission of The South African Politicians Awards is to recognise the outstanding political leaders, municipalities, political party’s hard work and commitment within the South African politics,” reads the description on the Sapas’ official website.

But it wouldn’t be politics if you, the people, didn’t get a say.  The public can vote for their favourite politicians across the awards’ 16 categories.

This will probably be the first time buying votes will have no legal repercussions for a politician.

The site also states that the awards, which will be attended by 200 or so elected officials, key decision-makers, commentators and opinionators, will offer attendees an opportunity to network and make new contacts. The nominated politicians stand a chance of walking away with this statuette:


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Apart from the red-carpet-inspired glitz and glamour expected on the night of the awards, struggle veteran and former first lady Winnie Madikizela-Mandela is to receive the first-ever SAPA lifetime achievement award for her influence and accomplishments within South African politics.

The awards are set to take place in Cape Town on February 8, after the opening of parliament.

Check out the full list of nominees right here.

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