Vavi launches new trade union: SAFTU

saftu launch
A new SA trade union organisation has launched.

Zwelinzima Vavi has launched a new South African trade union federation called SA Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu).

Former Congress of SA Trade Unions (COSATU) general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi  will likely be the secretary general of a new trade union that he’s launched.

SAFTU will mark the beginning of a new era for trade federations. But what makes this trade union any different from the other four unions the country already has?

The current four trade unions include; the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), the Federations of Unions of South Africa (Fedusa), the National Council of Trade Unions (Nactu) and the Confederation of South African Workers Union (CONSAWU).

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According to Vavi, SAFTU is not politically affiliated nor is it a “sweetheart union.”

Zwelinzima Vavi. (Twitter)

A sweetheart union is a trade union that negotiates for its workers. But the catch is that employers gain benefits at the expense of workers.

The new trade union will looks set to cause a stir, with 21 affiliate unions having attended the launch.

The federation is also joined by the National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa (NUMSA). Both Vavi and Numsa were expelled from COSATU in 2015. Vavi was fired from COSATU for dividing the trade unions federation and damaging its reputation.

NUMSA on the other hand was kicked out because it decided not to support the ANC in the general elections – a fact that that went against COSATU’s constitution.

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