Hlaudi Motsoeneng: white people love me

Hlaudi Motsoeneng. (Picture: Gallo)
Hlaudi Motsoeneng. (Picture: Gallo)
Hlaudi Motsoeneng held a five hour press conference.

Former SABC chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng held a press conference yesterday. And South Africans have been dying with laughter since.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng took the stage and spoke about himself in the third person for over three hours. The press conference itself lasted five hours.

Motsoeneng talked about the “pending matters” at the SABC. He was meant to focus on finances, the 90% local content quota and new board members.

Instead, he rambled on about himself and how people love and support him.

“You know, white people like Hlaudi. I meet so many white people. I was at the garage, and a white person rushed to me and said: Mr Hlaudi, we support what you do. We are with you.”

Motsoeneng also made it clear that he would not go into politics because he represents the majority of South Africans and their interests.

Hlaudi Motosoeneng speaks at his press conference in Auckland Park. (YouTube)

He believes South Africans would vote for him as a politician or even president. But he will not run against a female candidate.

“Some they want me to be the minister, others they want me to be the president. I support a woman (president).”

“You can’t say you support women but you contest them. Let’s give a woman a chance so that we reflect real South Africa.”

There was no mention of any name but no prizes for guessing who he was referring to (*cough* Nkosazana *cough*).

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