ANC councillors become criminals after disrupting Mashaba meeting

anc councillors attack
ANC councillors face criminal charges.

Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba plans to lay criminal charges against African National Congress (ANC) councillors.

Herman Mashaba hosted a meeting on Tuesday night in Midrand to talk about the Integrated Development Plan. The meeting was violently disrupted by ANC councillors.

According to Mashaba, “A number of individuals were injured following the violence, including an EFF member who had a gash to his head. Ward 112 Chairperson, Andrew Osmond, was hit with a brick on the back of his head, was concussed and had to be taken to hospital.”

Mahaba said the attack was allegedly organised by PR Councillor Mfikoe and Councillors Lemola and Matsemela.

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Mashaba is a member of the Democratic Alliance and found the attack to be shameful.

“Disgracefully, this attack on our democracy was led by ANC Councillors in the City of Joburg.”

He said that the City of Johannesburg has no other option but to lay criminal charges against the ANC councillors who led the assault and fuelled the violence.

Police were on the scene and removed the ANC councillors from the school hall where the meeting was being held. The doors of the hall were also locked to keep the community members inside safe.

herman mashaba
Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba said charges will include damage to property and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (File Image)

This outraged ANC members who then destroyed school property by breaking doors and smashing windows.

According to the Joburg council speaker, ten ANC councillors attended the meeting and did nothing to stop the disruptions.

Mashaba then proceeded to name and shame the ten councillors. He also called for disciplinary action to be taken against them.

Mayor Herman Mashaba also sent out a message to the ANC: “I wish to send a clear message to the ANC in Joburg: We will NOT be intimidated. We’ll continue to serve our residents and bring them change.”

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