Maimane: Zuma will retire in Sun City prison

mmusi maimane da march
Mmusi Maimane addresses protesters at the anti-Zuma march.

Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane led an anti-Zuma march in Polowane.

On Tuesday, people gathered at the SABC Park in Polokwane before marching to the Limpopo Provincial Treasury.

The DA march saw protesters coming out to march against President Jacob Zuma. This after a slew of marches that took place over the last two weeks.

The DA march is the third massive protest against Zuma. The other two included a Save SA march and an opposition party march.

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Mmusi Maimane made a speech in which he said South Africa belonged to the people. He also made it clear the DA would not stop marching until Zuma resigned.

Maimane also said Zuma might not step down today or tomorrow, but his time was running out.

In the battle of the year, it was the people of South Africa versus Jacob Zuma. Protesters stood up for the motto “Zuma must fall and SA must come first”.

“We are united behind putting the country first. We are united in getting rid of those who undermine the project of building a diverse, growing economy that creates jobs,” said Maimane.

da march
DA supporters walk through the streets of Polokwane for the anti-Zuma march (Twitter)

He also pointed out that Jacob Zuma was not the only problem the country was facing. The ANC also needed to be dealt with.

“Jacob Zuma has united the country – against him. Once the people have dealt with the Zuma problem, they will deal with the ANC problem by teaching them a lesson in 2019.”

Maimane even went as far as to predict Zuma’s future.

“I have news for Jacob Zuma. He thinks he’s going to retire in Nkandla. I’m saying to him no, no, no, no, no. You are going to retire in Sun City prison. Maximum prison!”

(Featured Image: Twitter)

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