WATCH: IFP tells Zuma to pack his bags and get out

IFP at Jacob Zuma march
IFP chases President Jacob Zuma out of South Africa.

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) has not been shy about how it feels when it comes to President Jacob Zuma.

Opposition parties have gathered today to demand that President Jacob Zuma resign. They are joined by tens of thousands of protesters who are calling on Zuma to do the same.

Protesters gathered at Church Square in Pretoria before marching to the Union Buildings.

Leaders of political parties addressed the crowd to rally the support of people against Zuma and get their spirits high.

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It’s no secret that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) aren’t impressed with Zuma. The political party has been one of the most vocal critics of Zuma, especially since his Cabinet reshuffle.

A new player has now entered the game and is just as critical of the president. Perhaps even more so.

Most political  parties shouted “Zuma must go”, “Down with Zuma, down” and “Give way, Zuma, give way.” But not the IFP.

Political leaders take the stage at the opposition march (Picture: Mashudu Malema)

The IFP youth brigade chairperson, Mkhuleko Hlengwa, spoke to a crowd of 40 000 protesters.

After taking the stage, Hlengwa showed his support for the country and its people by saying, “Amandla! Viva South Africa, viva”.

He then proceeded to threaten Zuma and chase him out of South Africa.

“Msholozi, wherever you are, pack your bags and get out!”

See the moment it happened in the video below.

(Featured Image: YouTube)

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