Nasty C : Emtee Collabo, his new diggz and the future

Nasty C gives us the lowdown on what's going on.

Nasty C is arguably one of the best rappers in South Africa at the moment, with four Metro Awards under his belt, searing lyrics and good looks, everyone wants a piece of the youngin.

The ‘Hell No’ hit-maker had a sit down with Anele Mdoda on her talk show Real Talk with Anele, to chat about his music career that keeps soaring to greater heights, them ‘haters’ and his ‘love life’. He confirmed that he is in a relationship, but didn’t give away any juicy details beyond that.

After the show, we also had an exchange with the rapper, but his management specifically apprised us not to ask any questions relating to his love life, or the Dr Malinga incident.

“No questions about his girlfriend, or the Dr Malinga incident please” says Nasty C’s manager.

So we asked about his rumoured beef between him and fellow rapper Emtee, who he recently paired up with on the hit single ‘Winning’


“The public is the one that set us apart, there was no bad energy ever between us.” He said.

“The public assumed that because our come up was simultaneous, we had beef, we kinda wanted to prove that we do get along, that’s why we did the song. And also because we vibe with each other’s music”

During his interview with Anele, Nasty C mentioned that he is not one to brag about his most expensive possessions on his songs, unlike most rappers. Notwithstanding the fact that he doesn’t boast about what he has, the most expensive thing he has bought thus far is a house, an asset not a lot of 20-year olds can boast about.

On his plans for 2017, the rapper says that his fans can expect new music and a lot of local and international collaborations.

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