LISTEN: Black Motion releases free Beat Of Africa Album

Black Motion has released some new music and it's free.

During a star-studded weekend at Sun City, Ballantine’s ambassadors Black Motion stole the show and walked away with two incredible SAMA awards for Best Duo Group and Best Dance Album but that was just the beginning.

In order to produce this album the platinum-selling duo Black Motion, recently embarked on a six-month campaign, Ballantine’s Beat of Africa in search of sounds that make South Africa and the entire African continent unique.

After collecting, curating and collaborating the use of everyday sounds, rhythms and beats, Black Motion have co-created one fire album; the Ballantine’s Beat of Africa that is now officially available for free to download on this link


The pair has repeatedly expressed how music is the heartbeat of Africa and how it inspires all of us by moving us and bringing us together.

The partnership between Ballantine’s and Black Motion is rooted in authenticity and music; the belief that staying true to what you believe in produces results beyond expectation.

The Beat of Africa album echo’s this exact sentiments by creating an album that is distinctly unique; the product of country and continent-wide sharing, collaboration and a common love of African-inspired music.

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Black Motion’s own sound is defined by the sounds that are nothing short of extraordianry: the beats that come from staying true to their music, beats that come from the entire country.


The pair jetted of to Ibiza with Black Coffee, Culoe The Song and Da Capo set to perform in the newly renovated Hï Ibiza which opened its doors for the very first time last month month.

The spot is said to be to go to spot if you are looking for a good vibe and good music.

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