LISTEN: Irresistible GQOM bop, ‘Uyang’khumbula’, by FAKA

Cover art for FAKA single 'Uyang'khumbula'. CREDIT: Amira Moraloki.
Cover art for FAKA single 'Uyang'khumbula'. CREDIT: Amira Moraloki.
Their new single explores 'the queerness that is at the core of gqom as a culture'.

There is nothing FAKA – queer multidisciplinary art duo Fela Gucci and Desire Marea – haven’t done in the past few years. Whether it’s their DJ sets, performance art or visuals, we’re always happy to offer what’s left of our edges.

The hypnotic chanting and relentless beat in their latest single, Uyang’khumbula, have been shaking the table in certain parts of the internet, so make sure you don’t sleep on them.

The song is a continuity of their project’s emphasis on styles and perspectives outside of a culture that insistently inflicts violence against women and gender nonconforming people.

Listen to the track below:

In a blurb for the song, the trailblazers say Uyang’khumbula explores “the queerness that is at the core of gqom as a culture – something that is marginalised by the cisheterotopia that also erases our experiences of romance and affection with the very same boys who no longer recognise us”.

FAKA released their ominous yet effervescent EP, Bottoms Revenge, on NON Worldwide in October last year.

You can listen to it here:

Just yesterday, they made a huge announcement that they would be performing at the Flow music festival in Helsinki, Finland, where the lineup will include US singers Frank Ocean and Lana Del Rey, UK singer Sampha and US rapper Young Thug, in August. Our faves, though!

But for now, FAKA is getting ready to jet off to Vienna, Austria, later this month to headline the Hyperreality music festival alongside New York alternative singer-rapper Princess Nokia, LA-based synth-pop musician and producer Nite Jewel and experimental producer Holly Herndon.

Fela Gucci and Desire Marea are the stage names of Thato Ramaisa and Buyani Duma.

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