#FashionFriday: Five ways to wear a bandana

how to wear bandana
Tips on how to wear a bandanna.

By Sherry Wang

So just a few weeks ago I walked into Factorie, and the first thing that caught my eyes were these cute little bandanas! There were quite a few different colours to choose from but I ended up choosing the classic black and white style.

Ever since I got it, I’ve been playing around trying out different ways to wear it. I love versatility in anything and this little accessory is versatile to the max.

Here are the five different ways you can wear a bandana, which can add some old school cool to any outfit.


classic bandanna
(Picture: Jack Hsu)

The first way is the classic way of wearing a bandana. I realized after wearing this look with multiple outfits that it goes really well with sleeveless tops.

This probably has to do with balancing things out. In other words, because your neck and basically entire upper body is covered, showing some skin from your arms and shoulders balances the look out.


(Picture: Jack Hsu)

Look two is definitely my favourite and most often used. You take your bandana and roll the corner in, and then you place it around your neck and tie it.

The trick is in the way you tie it. You want that natural looking tie and to achieve that, you tie it without any effort. The more effort you put into it, the more fixed and rigid it will look.

I like to just switch things up a little bit by adding a choker. I find that thin chokers work best as they compliment the scarf instead of taking focus away from it.


(Picture: Jack Hsu)

Bandanas can be used as chokers too! This is basically an invert of look two, except you tie the bow tighter and closer to the neck.

This looks extremely beautiful with your hair tied up in a bun so that the little bow you tied is exposed.

You can also add extra accessories. I have kept my chain choker on with it peeking out a little bit, just so it adds some texture to the look.


(Picture: Jack Hsu)

I don’t really like wearing jewelry on my wrists besides watches, because things dangling on my wrists irritate me when I’m trying to type on my computer or do basic tasks.

I never thought that wearing a bandana on my wrist would actually appeal to me so much. First of all, its not irritating at all because nothing is dangling and second of all, it looks so cool!


(Picture: Jack Hsu)

YAAAAAS! That was me when I realized that this could be another way to wear a bandana. No, it doesn’t actually hold your pants up but come on it looks totally different.

Wearing a bandana as a belt definitely stands out in a good way and really spruces up a pair of pants or an outfit in general.

These are the looks that I would wear and have worn personally. I love how each look is so different and can change up any outfit, depending on the style you’re going for.

Bandanas are so versatile and you can literally wear it however you want to, which is why it’s my new favourite must- have accessory.

Where to get:
Bandana from Factorie: R129.99
Choker from Topshop: 2 for R250.00

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