WATCH: Students react to Ambitiouz and Mabala Noise drama

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Students voice their thoughts on Ambitiouz and Mabala Noise sagas.

There’s just been so much drama between artists and management at Ambitiouz Entertainment and Mabala Noise lately.

In February, just before the Metro FM Awards, Ambitiouz faced heavy criticism. Fifi Cooper, A Reece, and B3nchmarQ fired shots at their former record label.

They accused Ambitiouz of poor management and withholding royalties. The three hip-hop celebs then announced their sudden exit from the record label.

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This week, it was Riky Rick’s turn to fire some missiles at his record label.

King Kotini went on a rant at the Metro FM Awards, where he slammed the music industry.

He announced his departure from Mabala Noise on Monday and tweeted about his conflicts with the label.

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We wanted to know what the youth thought of these stories that have been keeping us entertained. So we took to the streets to find out.

We asked students from UJ and Wits what they thought about the Ambitiouz Entertainment and Mabala Noise sagas.

Here’s what they had to say:

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