5 reasons why people refuse to watch Idols SA

Idols SA. (Picture: Mzansi Magic Twtter)
Idols SA. (Picture: Mzansi Magic Twtter)
Idols SA season 13 has not got off to a good start.

Idols SA returned for its 13th season last week Sunday, but people have just not been feeling it this year.

It has only been a week since Idols SA began airing on Mzansi Magic, and viewers are already not impressed.

Here are five reasons why people are refusing to watch Idols SA this year.

1. Talent

Talent is not being showcased enough this year, and this has frustrated several South Africans who believe SA is full of talent.

2. Adverts

There have been many complains that Mzansi Magic is airing more adverts and less of Idols SA.

3. Date My Family

Idols SA returned to our screens, but in doing so, it replaced Date My Family, to much disappointment.

4. Wooden Mic

People have become annoyed with the wooden mic contestants. It is believed some of them are only on the show because they want attention.

5. Languages

There’s this guy who showed up with a Chinese song.

And this guy who translated Nathi’s Nomvula to “sleeping on the walls”.

(Featured Image: Twitter)

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