Cyril Green to be honoured with a Lifetime Achiever Award

This renowned comedian is finally being honoured with a lifetime achievers award.

A highlight of every nominee announcement is the Lifetime Achiever. This prestigious award is made to an act with 20 years or more experience in comedy.

The Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards is honoured to announce that renowned comedian Cyril Green is this year’s Lifetime Achiever recipient

Cyril is one of the most renowned entertainers and producers in South Africa, having performed in over 150 television shows, including hosting his own TV series, The Cyril Green Show.


Cyril is also a fully rounded jazz pianist, leading his own bands and having produced variety shows for 20 years, as well as hundreds of live stage appearances as a standup comedian and recently an author.

Be sure to book your tickets for the Lifetime Achiever ‘Grilling of a Lifetime’ on 16 August 2017 at Parker’s Comedy Club, where Cyril will be roasted by his fellow comedians. This is a unique format that makes for a phenomenal, once-off, limited experience for comedy fans.

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“As Savanna continues to expand our partnership with and support of comedy, launching the inaugural Savanna Pan African Comic of the Year award, we look to offer a platform for African comedians to be recognised for the important role they play in society and provide the same comedic relief to consumers and audiences in the rest of Africa.” said Meenal Harry, Savanna global marketing manager.

Of course, it all culminates on 9 September at the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City when the Savanna CCA’s main awards takes place. Look forward to an incredible show featuring some of the best comedy, standup, skits and production you’re bound to see in one sitting.

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