The vloggers keeping YouTube trendy

The vloggers keeping YouTube trendy
These reaction videos are great if you want to discover new music, and get some insight into tracks that you might never have expected.

Every week there’s a new trend on YouTube, and depending on the longevity of the trend, you see more of it. Reaction videos have been around for a while, but recently creatives around the world have hopped on this trend and made it their own.

These reaction videos are great if you want to discover new music, and also to get some insight into the heat behind the bars.

Here are a couple of YouTubers we’ve enjoyed:

ThatDudeMcFly – Nadia Rose, Skwod

This vlogger from Toronto has a strong affinity for grime, and doubles as an entertainer and podcast host. Here’s his reaction to UK rapper Nadia Rose’s breakout single Skwod.


Zias – Lil Uzi Vert, “XO Tour Llif3”

Zias and B Lou are students from Tulsa, Oklahama, in the States. Their channel focuses on reacting to hip-hop and rap, and they generally look like two guys who have been friends since they could remember.


BigQuint Indeed – Kendrick Lamar, “Humble”

BigQuint was probably the first guy to make reaction videos, and his reactions to Drake’s If you’re reading this it’s too late made him a cult hero.


Meami – NAV ft The Weeknd, Some Way

Meami’s channel is a mix of reaction to hip-hop and anime. His content is entertaining, even though he snaps off beat sometimes.


Ubunifu Space – Nasty C, NDA

The Ubunifu Space is made up of a UK team and a Kenyan team, and they react to African and British sounds with the objective of promoting sounds you wouldn’t normally hear. Keep an eye out for our interview with them coming up before the end of the week!


Do you know of any local YouTubers reacting to music? Hit us up!


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