WATCH: P Diddy’s new doccie might just be a must-watch

Diddy just dropped the hottest doccie for 90s hip-hop fans.

Are you a 90s baby, a fan of the 90s, or hip-hop in general? We got something you wouldn’t want to miss. P Diddy – Sean Combs – has a documentary out.

The film documents the journey of Notorious B.I.G. Ma$e, Lil’ Kim, Faith Evans and the man himself, Puff Daddy, or is it Puffy? We are not sure, hey!

Anyway, all these music legends were all on the 90s label that Diddy built, and the story is now on film.

The doccie is 80 minutes long, is titled ’Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’, and it is available through Apple Music. The doccie includes the formation of Bad Boy, the record label, Diddy’s vision, Biggy’s talent and how it helped shape the 90s hip-hop we all love so much and more!


The documentary goes into detail and shows how the iconic entertainment brand was built and what it took to make it the hottest thing, and what it takes to succeed, hit after hit after hit.

Puffy was more than excited that it was released that he took to Instagram and posted a video of himself dancing.

This isn’t the end for this Bad Boy though, as he intends on making this a trilogy. Never short on ideas for making Machankura, hey, Diddy? See the full trailer below:

We are still not sure what to call you …

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