Gigi Lamayne: I’m in fact NOT engaged

Gigi Lamayne says she is very much single.

Heads up, you guys: after all the speculation and heartbreak, it actually seems as if Gigi Lamayne is not taken.

The rapper took to Instagram last week and posted a very flashy engagement ring, and everyone basically lost their minds.

Man of my dreams ✅ Perfect Ring ✅ #Lobola #YesIm22

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If we had doubts about this being shady, then we were right. But the doubts were amplified when Mabala Noise got involved in all of the heartbreaking drama by posting on Twitter to congratulate the rapper, saying: “Congratulations on your Lobola @gigilamayne. We are so excited for you.”


Everyone took to social media to congratulate her, but little did they know it was actually a publicity stunt. Gigi went to social media again after her show with DJ Fresh on The Fresh Breakfast and gave us the shock of our lives.

Gigi announced that she was, in fact, not engaged, and it was all for a single that she would be releasing called Lobola. Yeyi, Gigi, how you gon’ play with our feels like that?


Gigi also announced that she features Maraza on her latest single. Her fans were more than happy to hear that she was not taken,

All of you gents who were hoping for a chance to get with Gigi, it seems like you may actually have a chance because she is anything but taken. Don’t say we didn’t put you on to nice things.

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