WATCH: ‘Donald Trump’ shocks with America’s Got Talent performance!

'The Donald' has talent.

‘We’re going to make America’s got talent great again! It’s going to be huge.’

The singing Trump is an actual Donald Trump impersonator who did a fantastic job channeling Bruno Mars in his hit track, Up Town Funk.

‘The Donald’ was undeterred by the early booing from the audience, who he eventually won over with his captivating performance.

AGT judge Mel B hit her ‘X’ as soon as ‘The Donald’ took the stage, as the audience jeered, prompting this Trump to clap back with the famous phrase: “Stop with the fake boos!”

Judge Howie Mandel chimed in: “This better be good or we’re going to build a wall around you wall around you and they [points to the audience] are going to have to pay for it!”

“The world is a beautiful garden, and I’m going to shine in the sun,” ‘Trump’ said before jumping into his Bruno Mars-channelling performance. The hashtag #SingingTrump immediately went viral.

“Trump” arriving to the AGT audition

What’s shocking is how eerily similar this Trump impersonator is to America’s 45th President. From his distinctive tone of voice to the hand gestures that go with the exaggerated lip pouts. “I am here on a mission of love. It’s true,” adds ‘Trump’.

“The Donald” in action

Even with judge Mel B’s initial “no”, he still made it through to the next round. Cowell tells him: “Donald Trump, you’ve just won for the second time. Three yesses!”

Watch the hilarious full video and peep the Twitter reactions below




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