Thembisa Mdoda: ‘He was the one’

Picture: Twitter
Picture: Twitter
Thembisa spoke to her sister about her career, growing up and love.

We were all curious to see how the interview between Thembisa Mdoda and her sister Anele Mdoda on Real Talk with Anele would go.

In what we would describe as a very touching interview, Anele Mdoda spoke to her sister, Thembisa Mdoda about her acting career and the reasons why she got into acting in the first place. They also spoke about her studying graphic design and finally losing their mother.


Thembisa, who is the perfect host of reality wedding show Our Perfect Wedding, also spoke to her sister about her twin boys. She spoke about the journey of motherhood and what lessons she wanted them to learn from her mother. Thembisa Mdoda also made references about her divorce in the interview.

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The popular Our Perfect Wedding host also reveals details about her love with Atandwa Kani. Kani is a South African actor of television and stage, son of the celebrated South African actor John Kani, who has now moved on and married Fikile Mthwalo after they had a thing on the set of It’s Complicated two years ago.
Mdoda talked about how she knew that with him, it was love, and mentioned as well that her mother has told her that “he was the one”. Ncaaw! Thembisa Mdoda then spoke to her sister about why the relationship fell apart, saying attributing the source of the problem to be the lack of communication between them as a couple.

We believe that this was a beautiful interview between the sisters. If you missed it, see the full clip below

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