Nicki Minaj starts charity to pay student loans


Looks like Nick Minaj is about to go ‘Oprah’ on students in need these next few months.

Earlier this month, the rapper went on Twitter and offered to pay for some of her fans’ college fees – they just had to have a good academic record. Guess what, she did just that, as up to 27 students’ fees and loans were paid.

Nick then took to Instagram to list some of the payments she had made for students, and she expressed her gratitude.

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The rapper the announced that she would be launching a charity for student loans/tuition payments. Therefore students around America who are in need will now have an opportunity to have their fees and loans paid by the queen of rap.

It reported that more than $1 trillion students in the US are in debt, so big up to Nicki for making change.


(Featured Image: Gallo)

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