WATCH: Lorna Maseko talks The Hostess with Connect

We had a sit down with Lorna, who spoke to us about The Hostess.

Lorna Maseko brought a humorous vibe on to the set, as she walks in asking people if they have eaten or whether they are being starved, she is welcomed with giggles and smiles by her colleagues.

Sultry, salacious and vibrant – these are some of the words that describe Lorna Maseko, who was on the set of a video shoot for a pop group that is releasing their first single. The pop group has requested a party for the launch of their new song and, on the top of their list for catering had to be Lorna Maseko because of her extraordinary culinary skills.


Lorna Maseko is eating a few slices of success, as she now has a new cooking show, The Hostess, which airs on SABC 3 every Tuesday at 8.30pm. Maseko refers to herself as a home cook and a foodie, and she loves travelling around and trying out new restaurants and new kinds of food.

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“Food was like a little passion on the side, and once I did Celebrity MasterChef, I think I just discovered how much I wanted to tap into this passion and make it a reality,” she says

Having left dancing you would think it would be a great opportunity to indulge more in the foods she never could as a dancer because she had to keep a strict diet, but this is not the case,

Lorna Maseko on The Hostess
Lorna Maseko on The Hostess

“It’s the weirdest thing! I definitely do eat a lot more, but those dancer tendencies never leave you. You’re always just thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, have I put on weight?’ What do I look like? It’s something that is like engraved in your head considering that I was a dancer since I was nine years old. It’s a long time to try and kick a habit, you know” she says.

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This is not the first cooking show that Lorna has been a part of. The Hostess, however, is much more different to all the other shows she has been a part of because it brings in various elements into one show. It is an entertainment show, not just about the food, the recipes and exact instructions of how to cook. It allows viewers to feel more like they can try the recipes, unlike other cooking shows that make the recipes seem impossible.

Lorna sat down with us and spoke more about this and also revealed in some information about bestie Bonang Matheba’s upcoming reality show. See the full video below.

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