Watch: Nicki vs Remy -Bars vs Visuals


Nicki Minaj finally dropped a video for her clap- back song at Remy Ma, ‘No Frauds.’ Her ‘Barbz’ seem to really love the video (as they do for everything she puts out) but Connect deals with real facts so we did a comparison of our own.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the music video for No Frauds has a guaped look and feel that portrays Nicki as royalty in the rap game. Swords, thrones, a crown on Nicki’s head and two of the Hip- hop industry giants Lil- Wayne and Drake are shot paying their respects to he rap queen on their verses. So from the aspect of  qualityto the featured artists, the location to her outfits – Minaj has come correct!

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Nicki what about the BARS though?
Nicki De Generous as she calls herself doesn’t seem to be too generous with her bars as compared to Remy Ma on her “Shether” diss track. After all Hip-hop is about the bars, not so? It’s quite difficult to put Nicki’s: ” You can’t be Pablo if your sh#t ain’t sellin, what the hell is this b@t*h inhaling”

“I got before and after pictures of your surgery Rah, took you to her doc but you don’t look like Rah, Left the operating table, still look like nah”
against Remy Ma’s: “and I saw Meek Mill at All- Star and he told me that your ass dropped, he couldn’t f*@k you for 3 months coz your ass dropped” OR
“you claim you never fucked Drake, now that’s where you took me, you f*@cked the whole empire who trying to be cookie?”



Tweeps had a few things to say about the song but listen to both songs and ya’ll let us know if bars are more important than visuals.

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